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The Refined Collective Podcast

Feb 26, 2020


NLP practitioner and certified nutritional consultant and coach to Olympic athletes and A-list celebrities Adam Cobb is on the podcast today. We started recording right in the middle of a vulnerable ‘clearing the air' moment between us personally. It just felt important to share some good ol’ conflict resolution with you.  The crux of our chat was about ‘what happens when the thing we’re known for gets stripped from us.' Who do we become when our identity becomes rocked? Where do we turn to? How do we move through it?


Loss of Identity

  • Just a few hours before Adam was scheduled to give a talk on movement and mindset, he had a basketball accident and got an ACL tear and meniscus rupture.
  • As an adult having to live back home with his parents with little mobility was completely humbling.


Asking for Help

  • He opens up about his decision to go to therapy and why he resisted it in the past. Even then, it took him three sessions to surrender to the process and really show up.
  • He remembers a pivotal moment when he was standing with a bowl of chili in his hands because he couldn’t figure out how to bring it to the table while on crutches.


Healing Physically + Emotionally

  • “Real healing looks like asking for help.”
  • He shares how his lack of vulnerability created tension in his romantic relationships.
  • He was challenged by his peers to think “what does silence sound like right now?”
  • I was operating in my head then; I am operating in my heart now.”




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