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The Refined Collective Podcast

Apr 24, 2019

Have you ever heard of manifesting? It is rooted in science and psychology, but is also mixed with the spiritual. Have you ever tried it? Well, this week’s guest is a manifestation adviser. And if you’re thinking ‘Is it possible to manifest the relationship I want?’ the answer is YES! Lacy Phillips talks with me all about subconscious blocks, manifesting what we want, and growing our self-worth.

“Our thoughts don’t create our reality, our subconscious beliefs do.”

Lacy talks about the four things deep down inside of her that make up her authentic code of who she is. It’s different for everybody, but hers is: luxury, being seen, self-care, and legacy. Everybody has a unique authentic code and getting clear on what those four things are will help you to manifest more clearly.

“Figure out who you are and refine it.”

She encourages everyone to really reflect on what they truly want in order to be happy rather than what all of the societal groups they are in tell them they need in order to be happy.

“What lights me up?”

Lacy recognizes that manifesting isn’t just about getting the end result that we really want. 

“When you get ‘the thing,’ you’re not going to be happy. It’s when you peel away the layers to see what lights you up how you can be totally whole and authentically worthy that a) you will get ‘the thing’ and b) you will already be happy. All of that will just be an enhancement.”

What blocks you from the relationships you want?

Lacy explains that this all comes down to our self-worth. People look to partners to treat as idols, yet many people treat themselves as unworthy. Maybe this is rooted from childhood family dynamics or physical insecurities. These subconscious blocks need to be addressed before you can manifest the relationship you want.

How to be 100% in your worth

Most people on a conscious level recognize they have self-worth, but if you go down onto a subconscious and hypnotic level, the limiting beliefs come out and contradict that. That block needs to be removed. From there, the limiting beliefs can be addressed.

“Whatever you’re looking for starts to show up repeatedly when you grow your worth.”

After growing in self-worth, a person will notice that their potential partners will appear as ‘tests’ to them. When you are more in tune with yourself, you’ll notice those red flags in others and will not pursue relationships with those people. Then, you’re leaving space for the right person to enter your life.

“We need to get into the place where we never undervalue our wants and needs.”

Keep up with Lacy on Instagram at @tobemagnetic and her website She’ll be launching a retreat soon called @theforestretreat. She also has a podcast that releases a new episode each Friday called Expanded with Lacy Phillips

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