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The Refined Collective Podcast

Jul 22, 2020

This episode is really special, friends. I didn’t come into this episode with a real plan for a direction our conversation would take and I’m glad I didn’t because it naturally went to some amazing places. This week, I’m chatting with Todd McCullough, founder of TMAC Fitness. We spoke about conflict resolution, fitness, our backgrounds as athletes, but we kept coming back to the value of relationship and community over being ‘right.’


Who We Really Are

  • As I read his bio, we chat about the fact that it’s so hard to keep them short and accurate.
  • Todd acknowledges that bios only show our accomplishments, and never the failures that led us to those accomplish those things.
  • We each share three bullet point failure moments that were pivotal to how we became the people we are shown to be in our bios.


Being Okay With Conflict

  • I tend to be okay with saying what needs to be said even if it’s going to ruffle feathers.
  • We tend to surround ourselves with people who act as an echo chamber for us. But is the goal in life to be conflict-free or to have unity?
  • “We would rather be right than actually find truth and I think that’s a breakdown right now in society.”
  • Todd shares his experience growing up in a conservative community and then living in a progressive community
  • He opens up about how he loves God, but he loves to listen to Sam Harris, who is an atheist, because it challenges him and helps him understand his faith on a deeper level.
  • “Why do I believe this?”


Black Lives Matter

  • Todd believes it’s important to judge the individual rather than the group. And I share my thoughts on systemic racism and corporate sin.
  • “The hard part about blind spots is that you can’t see what you can’t see.”
  • Todd shares his experience as someone with family members who are police officers.
  • He shares that he has had conversations with the Black people in his life about their interactions with police officers and they look different from the interactions he’s had.
  • “If you believe that we’re all brothers and sister, then you should look out for those that are being treated poorly.”
  • “Nobody wants to hear what you believe; people want to see how you live your life.”


“Does Jesus love the people I hate?”


Speed Round

  • Number one thing you can do to propel your wellness and fitness? His focus has shifted over the years from working out, to eating well, to meditation, but it has always circled back to one thing: having a healthy identity as an individual. “God’s not going to love me anymore if I have a six pack”
  • Is alcohol good or bad for your fitness? Depends on the individual. He shares his own drinking routine.
  • How is physical fitness a manifestation of your spiritual life? “We have a personal responsibility to give our best each and every day to our loved ones and our community. Fitness is simply a tool to do that.”


“Fitness is a tool to dive into the spiritual.”




Who loves free workouts? Uhm, ME! Todd has a free 10-day at-home workout training plan. The workouts are 20 minutes, end with a meditation and prayer, and there is no equipment needed! How amazing is that? These workouts are for beginners and the more advanced. To get more info head over to


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