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The Refined Collective Podcast

Mar 18, 2018

On this first episode of The Refined Collective podcast, I welcome Nikia Phoenix--founder of Black Girl Beautiful, content creator and model--to leave the pressure to be perfect at the door and have a meaningful dialogue with me, and all of you. She’s talking with me from sunny Los Angeles where the birds are chirping loud enough for us to hear.

Her love for others radiates from everything she does, including Black Girl Beautiful—her love letter to women of African descent.

We talk about moving through anxiety and healing community.  One of the most profound moments of the episode was when we transitioned into talking about race.  Nikia says, “When it comes to talking about race, we don’t want to offend. We are so PC that instead of actually opening up and saying something that may be a bit off, we just don’t say it it all. And in not saying it we’re missing a teachable moment.”

I am so honored to have shared this episode with Nikia Phoenix and hope you have enjoyed listening.