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The Refined Collective Podcast

Aug 5, 2020

I have the absolute pleasure of chatting with pastor, author, and host of the A Greater Story podcast, Sam Collier. He just released a book called A Greater Story all about turning messes into miracles and how God redeemed stories in his life. We chat all about finding our own miracles during COVID-19, his personal journey finding his family, and what it’s like to be a man in the church.


Finding Miracles in COVID-19

  • “Every miracle is a reaction to the impossible.”
  • Because of COVID-19, Sam has lost family, he has struggled with launching his book, and being a speaker has been made incredibly difficult.
  • “Maybe this book can help people find the miracle that they need in this season.”
  • For those of us who may struggle with comparison, sometimes the miracle is just learning to trust God rather than a specific result we’ve been waiting for.
  • “When change happens, we tend to focus on the challenges. If you look there, that is all you’ll see. If you decide in the midst of the change to try to find the opportunity, then you may end up finding a miracle.”
  • “God never promised us perfection, but that He would be with us in the imperfection and that if He doesn’t move the move the mountain He’ll give us the power to climb it.”


Finding Family

  • “Whatever lack I was supposed to be experiencing from the absence of my biological family, I just didn’t have”
  • Sam shares his experience finding his biological mother and meeting her for the first time on national television.
  • He talks about the discoveries he made about himself when he found his biological family and how those things helped him understand who he is.


Being a Black Man

  • We talk about the differences between how the church fosters men versus women.
  • The male/female dynamics have shifted over the years, and we explore how we can find a balance of needing another person and being our own empowered individuals.
  • Sometimes it feels like our only options are what culture says vs what the religious spirit says. But there is a third option: what Jesus says.
  • “We want to feel strong. We want to feel like we matter. We want to feel like we’re important… like someone is proud of us.”




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