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The Refined Collective Podcast

Apr 8, 2020


This week I’m chatting with repeat guest Kate Eskuri from The Foundation Blog!! She was on the podcast last year talking about all things periods and it is our most downloaded episode EVER! (You can listen to it here.) Kate is a registered nurse and is currently getting her PhD. This time around, we’re talking about how to get grounded in the midst of overwhelm. Also, how do we even be healthy during this time? And practically speaking, are there certain things I should be doing or avoiding right now? Bottom line, though: there is no one right way to spend your time in quarantine.


5 Ways to Foster a Healthy Relationship with Food

“Your nutrition may not look how it ‘normally’ does… nothing looks ‘normal’ right now.”

  1. Shop with intention—buy things that last a long time and are versatile.
  2. Cook with thought— do you have food that will go bad by next week? Eat that first.
  3. Get resourceful—really take stock of all the food you already have. What if instead of going grocery shopping you got creative?
  4. Donate any extra food you may have— some people aren’t able to stock up.
  5. Use healing ingredients—turmeric, ginger, garlic, echinacea tea, elderberry tea.


Structure Creates Freedom: Rituals to Practice to Freedom

  • The self-care question you need to ask yourself during this season: “What do YOU need during this quarantine?”
  • Self-care is no longer an option— it’s a priority.
  • Want to activate self-care? Write down five things that bring you comfort and joy. A self-care list! 


Practical Grounding Rituals

  • What does it mean to be grounded: “It’s that inner sense of calm even though the outside world might feel a little scattered.”
  • Journal through these 5 questions to shift  from overwhelm to peace in less than 5 minutes:
  1. What are five things I can see? 
  2. What are four things I can feel? 
  3. What are three things I can hear? 
  4. What are two things I can smell right now? 
  5. What is one thing I can taste?


3 Ways to Practically Ground Yourself:

  • Journaling is something you can do for even just a few minutes to ground yourself.
  • Take a seat, close your eyes, physically place your hands on the crown of your head, and lightly press down. Take a few deep breaths and you will feel yourself settle.
  • Eat root vegetables. It may sound weird and woo-woo, but give it a try.




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