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The Refined Collective Podcast

May 6, 2020

Jen Batchelor is the co-founder and CEO of Kin Euphorics, which she created as a response to shifts in her own lifestyle, as well as the lifestyle of her co-founder. Kin is an alternative beverage company that will change the way you approach social drinking. Jen helps unpack the social drinking movement, how adaptogens and nootropics can give your body what it really needs, and how you can approach sober living.


Why Do You Drink?

  • When people are asked about their own drinking behavior, they never have a solid answer. There remains a stigma around choosing to be sober.
  • Jen shares the moment when she realized that even though she was putting thought into everything she put into her body, her drinking would negate all of it.
  • “I don’t want to break even on wellness.”


The Basics

  • Euphorics represent a new category of pleasure priming drinks. “You can have your cake and drink it too.”
  • Adaptogens are roots and herbs that help you fight off those Sunday scaries.
  • Nootropics help balance the chemicals of the mind. It helps with synthesizing thought, processing memory, and enhancing focus.
  • Using all of this, Kin Euphorics helps restore balance in the body.


What Holds People Back from Sobriety

  • Fear of labels and stigmas.
  • Fear of leaning into discomfort.
  • Fear of what you’ll find out— but knowledge is power.
  • “We all, in all facets of our lives, should be actively testing our limits so we can understand and feel the resistance and grow from that.”
  • Being able to be vulnerable to human experiences and sharing it with others.


5 Practical Tips for the Sober Curious

  • “Is this robbing me or hindering me from an opportunity or the energy I need to pursue my dreams? Is this getting in my way?”
  1. Take stock of your social rituals.
  2. Assess who you have around you and don’t be afraid to make some cuts.
  3. Are your habits in alignment with and pushing you towards your dreams? If not, be willing to try an ‘elimination diet.’
  4. Get clear about your calling. What are your greatest dreams and how can you move towards that with clarity, integrity, and intention?
  5. Commit to your greatest potential and rise to that. Invite people into journey with you.




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