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The Refined Collective Podcast

Mar 11, 2020


Do Christians meditate? What exactly is meditation and how do I practice it?  What is mindfulness? And what about breath work? Today, Jackie Viramontez is going to share her answers to all of the above! We’re talking about practices you can implement into your life to help you heal from anxiety, trauma, and fear. 


Starting Young

  • Jackie reflects on a major childhood trauma and loss that led her to develop anxiety as well as OCD.
  • From there, she began her journey with therapy, EMDR and meditation and healing.
  • “Our memories and thoughts are found all over our body.”



  • Meditation is a way to interrupt the patterns in your life to center yourself.
  • Jackie shares when the best time to meditate is (you gotta listen to find out!).
  • “We are designed for our stories to change.”


Breath Work

  • Making your exhales just one second longer than your inhales will slow your heart rate and help so much. Bonus: rest your tongue on the floor of your mouth as you breathe.
  • Jackie talks about how pressure points can release tension as well.
  • “It’s very hard to be up in your head when you’re breathing like that.”




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