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The Refined Collective Podcast

Mar 4, 2020

We are starting a new series on the podcast all about fertility! We are going to cover everything from IVF, to egg freezing, to adoption, miscarriage, and everything in between. We are first going to chat about IVF. My dear friend Faith Ramos shares her journey through 10 years of infertility before IVF gave her two children.


The Love Story

  • Faith met her husband Angel at college when they were both 18 years old.
  • After a few years of ‘not—not trying to have kids’, once they hit 30, they started to wondering what was going on..
  • She opens up about what it’s like getting questions about why they didn’t have kids yet.


IVF + An Answered Prayer

  • IVF involves putting the egg + sperm together in a petri dish to create an embryo.
  • The price for this runs between $20k and $30k— so it is not really accessible to many.
  • Faith + Angel struggled to find funds as new business owners (plus her mother was sick).
  • In true God fashion—the money came in an unlikely and unexpected way.


Getting Pregnant

  • “Early on, Angel and I knew that this was God’s story.”
  • She remembers shifting her mindset from “why me?” to a heart of gratitude.
  • “God is faithful, however that looks.”
  • Listen to the episode to hear Faith describe the moment she first met her son.
  • Feeling discouraged? “The journey just might be different than what it seems. God is able to do anything, but his will is different for everyone.”




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