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The Refined Collective Podcast

Jun 26, 2018

If you’re ever looking for an excuse to sit and talk with the people you most admire, start a podcast. This week I am talking to the amazing impact entrepreneur, Liz Bohannon. She lives in Portland, Oregon but her reach extends across continents. She is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sseko Designs, an ethical fashion brand. The amazing thing is that they work directly with women in East Africa and help a lot of them earn money to go to college.


Sisterhood of the Traveling Kaftan

  • Liz and I met at the Wild Hearts Conference. When we were in the green room backstage, I literally asked her if I could try on the dress she was wearing. Yes, that was the start of our friendship.
  • I never thought a kaftan would look good on me, but it did! And this dress fits all sizes from 0 to 16. How incredible is that?
  • “I didn’t think I was going to kaftan evangelize, at least not this early in the podcast.”


Enneagram Insights

  • Is anyone else obsessed with personality tests??
  • We come to the conclusion that if you’re a bit uncomfortable with your enneagram score, it means you probably got the right score.  Wanna know what numbers Liz and I are? You gotta listen to the episode!
  • Enneagrams help Liz to recognize everyone’s unique contributions to this complex world we live in. “I am delighted by difference.”


Growing Community


  • “Come be a part of what we’re doing, but don’t do it out of pity or charity. Do it out of a sense of camaraderie and excitement about the future that we’re building together.”Sseko Designs has a Fellow program where people in the United States can be involved with the brand by hosting events and representing Sseko in their own community.
  • Liz found that there was a need for opportunity for women in the United States as well as East Africa.
  • Recently Sseko Designs brought 10 United States Fellows to Uganda. The women of Sseko and the fellows got a chance to share their stories with one another. How powerful is that?
  • “You’re not going on a mission trip, you are going to meet your colleagues that are alongside of you and that are co-creating a brighter future with you.”
  • Liz is constantly asking herself, “Are we doing this in a way that is consistent, true to the core of our mission, and our why?”


For those of you who are inspired by what you’ve learned here today, you can make a difference. Liz loves to see inspired women inspire other women. It starts a chain of fulfillment and passion for life. “If she can do it, why can’t I?”

I hope you’re feeling as absolutely inspired as I am. Liz is such a genuine soul and I had so much fun talking with her. If you enjoyed this episode, I want to invite you to subscribe, rate, and review the podcast. It would mean so much!

This episode is brought to you by the free PDF guide called “While You Wait.” It is full of resources that I personally found to be very helpful while I was finding my ‘why’ behind waiting until marriage to have sex.


Kat Harris


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