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The Refined Collective Podcast

Sep 18, 2019


This week on the podcast, I’m chatting with Mia Fieldes, who I first discovered through another podcast. Whenever I become obsessed with someone’s story, I love to look them up, but Mia is a very private person. We start off talking about the pressure today to share everything while we’re in it. As my mentor says, we have to teach from our scars not our scabs. “You have to be okay with some things being hidden.” Mia is a Grammy-nominated songwriter who is from Australia and is living in Nashville with her husband. She has written songs for Hillsong, including No. 1 radio hits ‘He Knows My Name,’ ‘Chainbreaker,’ and ‘First.’ On this episode, we talk about pursuing God’s calling as well as staying connected to hope and keeping perspective in seasons of singleness.


Pursuing God’s Calling

  • “When I was really little, I really did think I was going to do something amazing.”
  • She grew up as a triplet and remembers when her sisters would go to bed she would write letters to God saying, “One day I’m going to do something amazing for you. One day I’m going to write songs all over the world.”
  • “Faith is incredibly hard and it’s incredibly easy.”
  • Her mother was 22, single, and pregnant with triplets. She struggled with drug abuse, they lived in the projects, and they received food stamps from the Salvation Army.
  • The Salvation Army noticed her mother had three little kids and so they brought them to Sunday school. There, Mia sang songs about Jesus and developed the foundation of her faith.
  • “My mom was on the same journey as I was.”


Staying Connected to Hope in Singleness

  • “How do you believe God for something that is fully dependent on somebody else’s free will?”
  • She spent a lot of time being single and didn’t even kiss a boy until she was 22.
  • When she was beginning her first relationship, she realized that she was putting so much pressure on it because she had waited so long to enter her first relationship.
  • “I felt a grace to be single.”
  • You have to follow peace so that when you are in the storm your peace is your anchor.
  • “Everyone told me marriage would be hard… and I thought ‘yeah but being single is hard.’”
  • It’s all your perspective, but there is beauty in every season.
  • “When you get to a certain age, people put limitations on you that God never does.”
  • She notices that everyone seems to be fighting for a piece of the pie, but everyone gets their own whole pie. She got her own promise from God.


Keeping Perspective

  • We need to be optimistic. If we spend our energy complaining, we will get no closer to where we want to be. We will receive that negative energy back.
  • “You create your world with your words.”
  • Mia recalls the journey she went on with God guiding her toward a positive mindset and eventually her husband. “God plucked my husband seemingly out of nowhere.”
  • “If you have to convince someone into something, then believe me someone will convince them out of it.”
  • It’s easy to worry about the things you’ll have to compromise on, but when the right person comes along, you’ll realize there is no real compromise to be made.
  • “It’s so important to go to God for yourself and get your own promise. Otherwise you will filter what God is doing with you through everyone else’s story.”
  • “I don’t want the plagiarized version of somebody else’s story.”
  • Mia says that her husband, Joren, has been healing for her.
  • “God is writing a way bigger story than you can think about.”


Top Three Things To Look For In Your Person

  • Look for someone who is committed to change.
  • A partner must also be able to handle conflict well.
  • Communication!


Mia doesn’t have a website, but she does have an Instagram! You can give her a follow at @miafieldes. If you want to hear more details of her story, listen to this episode of the C3 NYC podcast.


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