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The Refined Collective Podcast

Oct 2, 2018

A Million Little Things with Christina Moses


Christina Moses is an incredibly talented actress who is starring in the ensemble cast of A Million Little Things on ABC which premiered on September 26th. It focuses on a group of friends who come together after a friend of theirs suddenly dies, and is being called The Big Chill meets This Is Us. If you’ve seen the first episode, you’ll know how good it is. She also appears in Condor, The Originals, Containment, Roadies, and Rosewood. Aside from acting, she dedicates her time to philanthropic efforts with organizations like Lotus Outreach International, The Girl Effect and the Geena Davis Institute.


Everything Happens for a Reason


  • “Anytime you put anything your love out there, you’re exposed in some way.”


  • Her new show, A Million Little Things, explores the idea that everything in life happens for a reason.
  • Believing in karma, Christina personally notices the power of cause and effect in everyday life.  She goes through life thinking, “how can I choose to learn from this situation?”


Hard Work to Success


  • Overnight successes aren’t really a reality, however it’s so easy to see it that way when all we see are the shiny, edited, spotlight moments of someone’s life.
  • “Getting my heart aligned with my mind to muster up the courage and the confidence to even go for it was a long road.”
  • Growing up in Los Angeles in a household with an acting coach father, she went on auditions as a kid. She was shy in every audition and decided that it was best to put it off for a while until she felt comfortable.
  • In school, she dedicated time to painting and poetry before she discovered theater where she could express her creativity in a comfortable way.



Finding Your Worth

  • She moved to New York, and dove into cultural and race politics before realizing she missed acting.


  • “It took me forever to admit that this is something I want to do.”


  • In 2008, she got representation, and decided that she was going to really go for it.


  • “It took a long time to really believe that I deserve to be there.”


  • Christina never doubted her talent as an actor, but her childhood experiences affected her view of her worth.


  • Looking back, she recognizes the trauma she felt on the auditions as a child and the need she felt to please her father.



Surviving to Thriving

  • Christina acknowledges that for a long time, she was just surviving and living with a level of anxiety.


  • “It has so much to do with being afraid of the space that I would take up if I shined if I just followed my heart.”
  • “What truly lights me up is bringing people along for the ride. I get lit up when other people are lit up.” She hopes she can do that for everyone who sees her work.
  • “There is this complete fear of being our best selves.”
  • We have to understand and accept our wounds and faults in order to move through them.
  • Looking back on her childhood, she would give herself many pieces of advice, one being “Make all the mistakes in the world.” Did you need to hear that? Because I sure did.



Christina and I dove right into some deep topics and I am so grateful for her heart and her talent. Want to keep up with her and her work? Follow her on Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to tune in to A Million Little Things on ABC every Wednesday at 10/9c. You do not want to miss out!


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