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The Refined Collective Podcast

Apr 3, 2018

Lauren Scruggs Kennedy

This week I’m talking to my longtime friend from Dallas, Lauren Scruggs Kennedy, who now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Jason. Lauren has a lifestyle brand with an intentional social strategy.  She focuses on her health and wellness journey, personal development, faith, and navigating marriage.

The First Steps to Wellness

  • Lauren has been on a journey of recovery after an accident involving an airplane propeller back in 2011 that left her with one eye and one arm.
  • She learned to say no to outings without feeling the pressure to people-please. Instead, she takes the time to intentionally think on if she has the time.

The Learning Curve of Marriage

  • She gets real about the conflicts that happen in marriage. She and Jason had productive fights, but she had to learn how to open up about her struggles and frustrations, particularly regarding her accident because when the accident happened she didn’t know Jason. In a way, this made her relive the struggle.

I can’t talk about this episode without mentioning the advice Lauren would give her younger self, because this is advice for her younger self, your younger self, and all of our present selves. “Live fully in who you are.”

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