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The Refined Collective Podcast

Apr 15, 2020


Welcome back to the fertility series! This time around, I’m chatting with fertility physician Dr. Natalie Crawford from Aspire Fertility all about egg freezing. She is also the host of As A Woman Podcast, which is all about fertility, female empowerment, and leadership. Personally, I have spoken on the podcast about feeling that biological clock ticking and have been thinking about egg freezing a lot so I was really grateful to Dr. Natalie for sharing her wisdom with us— let’s dive in.


We answer questions like:

  • When is a good time to freeze your eggs?
  • Is freezing your eggs really a ‘fire insurance’ plan?
  • Which is a more viable option:  IVF or Egg Freezing.
  • How long does freezing your eggs take + how to plan for it.
  • How much it costs (b/c umm…that’s a huge part of this process).
  • And lots more…


Learning Your Body

  • Dr. Natalie quickly realized how little women knew about their own bodies.
  • “Every woman would say, ‘I wish I had known this earlier.’”
  • Did you know 1 out of 8 women struggle with infertility— they just aren’t all sharing their stories.
  • Most women ignore their infertility problems for a while because they feel a sense of failure, fear, and denial.


Understanding the Process

  • As you age, your eggs decrease in both quality and quantity.
  • Dr. Natalie explains the value of AMH testing—a very affordable + often covered by insurance test that tells you how what your egg count + health is like.
  • There are diet + lifestyle changes you can make to keep your eggs as healthy as possible like decreasing red meat and processed food (more on that in the podcast).
  • “This whole process is stressful— we can’t make it stress-less. But how can you feel better about it? By feeling really well informed.”




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