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The Refined Collective Podcast

Jan 15, 2020


Welcome back to The Refined Collective podcast! Did you notice our new intro music? We’re so excited about it. On this first solo show of the new year, I’m chatting about all of the lessons I learned in 2019 (because it taught me some big lessons), my vision for 2020, and of course before I do all of that I share all of my favorite pop culture tidbits with you!


Lessons Learned

  • Comparison sucks.
    • My Challenge to You: What if you used someone else’s breakthrough as evidence of what’s possible as opposed to getting stuck in comparison, jealousy, and a victim mentality? How would doing that impact your life?
  • Celebrate your wins.
    • Life is busy. Often before we finish the one thing, we’re already chasing the next. I don’t know about you, but this feels exhausting. What if before rushing off to the next goal, we allowed ourselves to pause, acknowledge, and celebrate the wins—no matter how big or small.
  • I can only change me.
    • Much to my dismay as much as I try to change others, the only person I can truly change and take responsibility for is myself. Instead of spending so much time focusing on other people’s drama, what if you used that time to look inward, and noticed areas in your own life that needed some extra love?
  • God lives in the space between.
    • Life is a “both and,” not an “either or.”


2020 Vision

  • (Get it? 2020 vision? 20/20 vision?)
  • What if you had the courage to receive and believe that you deserved to be here?
  • What if you were the girl for the job?
  • What if you no longer let insecurity dictate your reality? 
  • I spent too long believing I didn’t belong on the tennis court or I didn’t belong as a writer. But guess what? I’m writing a freaking book. And then I’m going to write ANOTHER one.
  • My new mantra: “Why not me?” Thank you Mindy Kaling for that.
  • What if you spent more time thinking about how things could go well for you instead of always planning for and expecting the worst case scenario to unfold? How would your day-to-day life change?


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