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The Refined Collective Podcast

Aug 21, 2018

It’s been a summer, y’all. The Carters have released a joint album. But this week we’re focusing on a different power couple: Carmina and Qudduce. These two are newlyweds and founders of Camera Ready, a media coaching company. Quddus is a speaker who has been a host of TV shows like TRL and Access Hollywood. Carmina focuses on self-development and meaningful learning. I have been under their mentorship for several years now, and they have taught me so much. This episode we’re going to talk about love, self-development, and the  masculine and feminine energy.


The Love Story

  • They met at a party and she recognized him from their acting class. She walked right up to him and told him he should start showing up to class more.
  • They were friends for years before they ever entered into a relationship. “I remember always finding comfort in your hugs and your smile.”
  • The two went through phases of being single and taken and taken and single and the timing was never right. “The beautiful thing is that things change.”
  • Carmina recalls a moment when Quddus was standing in front of her silently at a graduation from a program she was taking part in.
  • “This is your husband. This is your soulmate. I felt it in my gut. It was the most certain thing I’ve felt in my entire life.”
  • On a car ride to a retreat, Carmina confessed all of her feelings.


The Self-Development

  • Carmina began her self-development journey after getting out of an unhealthy relationship.
  • She realized that she was in control of the bad in her life so she decided to change it to good.
  • “It’s being able to take a look at our lives instead of constantly being in our lives.”
  • Behavioral patterns form our identity. We are more flexible than we think, and mindset is a game-changer.
  • Quddus was in a rut in his career and had a friend suggest a personal development class. Six months in, he found a breakthrough in work and in personal relationships.


Water & the Grand Canyon

  • We talk a lot about masculine and feminine energy, something it took me a lot of time to really accept and understand.
  • There is unhealthy and healthy feminine and masculine energy; it’s not a label for men and women, but rather types of energies.
  • New York City has a masculine energy that is grasping, go-getting, and the hustle is real.  Whereas a city like Los Angeles has a more feminine energy with flexibility, the ocean, nature and more space to be rather than do.
  • In a new wave of feminism, it can be hard to recognize these energies, but it doesn’t have to be in conflict with it.
  • Water is feminine and water created the Grand Canyon. It is a powerful force, but it is a different force. We would it look like to reclaim our feminine strength.


Finding Your Voice

  • Camera Ready recognizes that the problems of the world get solved when people find their voices.
  • The focus is on coaching people not on confidence, but on vulnerability, because that is what brings connection between speaker and listener.
  • Public speaking is the number one fear for a lot of people. But don’t fear and excitement give us the same physical feeling- butterflies?
  • “Anxiety is excitement that isn’t allowing itself to be expressed.”


Friends, it is time to reframe our attitude toward fear, energies, and personal development. I could talk with these two for days and days. I hope you love these two as much as I do and learn a bit from them. You can find them at, @coachcarmina, @qudductv, and @camerareadynow. Go connect with them!


This episode is brought to you by the free PDF guide called “Moving Through Fear.” It is full of resources that I hope will help guide you through rejecting the lies in your life and finding the truth.