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The Refined Collective Podcast

May 20, 2020

Today on the podcast, I am chatting about wellness and self-love with Erin from Raw Beauty Talks. She shares what the heck self-love actually means, how to listen to your body, master your mindset, and understand what nourishes and energizes you. We also chat about body positivity, Beyoncé, and Erin’s own wellness journey and finding her voice in the body confidence conversation as a ‘skinny girl.’


What Does Self-Love Mean?

  • “Self-love isn’t a feeling, it’s a verb.”
  • We want self-love to be easy and comfortable, but it requires effort in order to grow.
  • “Can you give compassion for the woman you are and can you make choices to align with what that woman needs?”


8 Ways to Activate Genuine Self-Love

  • Get to know yourself— what make you thrive, what gets you excited?
  • Honoring the individual— can you give yourself compassion and make decisions that are in alignment with who you are and what you want?
  • Listen to your body— notice what helps you recharge.
  • Practice saying no— it will bring you freedom.
  • Routine— practicing self-love once won’t make an impact.
  • Implement— as you get to know yourself and how you’re wired.
  • Act like you love yourself NOW— the feeling will follow the action.
  • Give yourself grace— it’s a balance; the goal is not perfection.


3 Ways to Get on the Same Team as Your Body

  • Listen to your body— stop listening to these experts and tune in to your hunger and fullness signals, learn what type of movement your body is needing, maybe it’s a walk maybe it’s a workout.
  • Master your mindset— are the thoughts you’re having empowering you or holding you back? Find an empowering belief that feels possible.
  • Understand what nourishes and energizes you— make a list of things that make you feel high energy and another list of things that make you feel low energy.




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