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The Refined Collective Podcast

Oct 31, 2018

Do you ever meet someone and just know that they’re the real deal and you immediately dive in to some real talk? Jordan Lee Dooley is one of those girls. If you know her, you know this, and if you don’t, well… you’ll see. This girl lives in a farm house in Indiana with her husband and is the author of Purpose and the creator of the She Podcast. Her mission in life is to show others their purpose and encourage them to live out that purpose. 

Being an Honest Example

  • “It’s trendy to use that language. It’s not so tangible to put into practice.”
  • As an achiever (where my type 3 enneagram ladies at?), she wrote an entire book and found that she wasn’t slowing down or celebrating after.
  • “I was living under this chronic pressure to prove.”
  • After having a shower meltdown and panicked phone call to her mother, she decided to show herself some grace and focus on practicing what she preaches. “If I say this publicly, is it being represented 100% privately?”
  • We talk about the balance between not sharing things before you are ready to and not putting on an act of having it all together.

Choosing Boundaries

  • “My ideas create chaos in my life.”
  • She recognizes that she had a broad vision that didn’t bring structure to her life and work. Once she sat down and got clear on that, she found structure and boundaries.
  • “At what point have I made things out of a place of ‘this is expected of me’ rather than from a place of ‘this is truly my heart’s passion’.”
  • She talks about dropping the need to please everybody.
  • Implementable imperfect action… Jordan likes to physically write down what she is working on so she can assess what is actually in line with her mission and purpose. Pressure versus purpose.
  • “I have more space in my life.” She now works with her team to make sure things are restructured according to purpose.
  • “God is good, even when life is not… Rooting myself in that truth helps me make decisions.”
  • Focusing on this truth allows her to detach from circumstance and focus on her purpose in every area of life.

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