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The Refined Collective Podcast

Feb 12, 2020


This week, my real-life friends Jessie and Gerard Pepper are on the podcast! You may know them from their own podcast Marriage is Funny. They launched the podcast after they were having a serious discussion about divorce. (Spoiler alert: they are still married.) We chat about the vulnerability that brought them out of that dark time in marriage and they share some actionable steps to tend to the meaningful relationships in your life.


Talking It Out

  • Their podcast isn’t about marriage advice…it’s about creating a space to process through their own difficulties and problems.
  • “The points of tension can be what draws you back closer to each other and strengthens the bond between you.”


Growing in Understanding

  • We talk about why it’s so scary to tell someone what you really want.
  • Gerard opens up about his tendency to not share emotions. “It feels really dangerous.”
  • “Beauty comes from complexity.”


Setting an Example

  • They wish the married couples in their lives had been more honest about marriage. Amen to that, because marriage even to the best person is going to be HARD!
  • “Our marriage has turned into something that we are tending to and constantly learning about and constantly trying to enrich.”


Keep Up With The Peppers

  • Check out their website at com.
  • Follow them on Facebook and join their podcast’s private FB group.
  • Follow them on IG at @meetthepeppers and @styleandpepper.
  • Watch their video series about the three marriage myths that nearly ruined their relationship— they gave you special access here.


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