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The Refined Collective Podcast

Nov 20, 2019

Today we are recording in Rockefeller Center a long way from my Brooklyn closet. I have my dear friend Carrie Gracey Lloyd on the podcast today! She has a podcast called “The Carrie On…” that you can check it out here. In this episode, we chat about grief, how to walk through it, how it can challenge your faith, and the importance of creating space for your grief. 


On Grief

“I love redemption stories, but if we don’t look at the grief, we don’t know where the lord is going to show up.” 

·      I have been walking through a lot of grief this year and Carrie’s podcast episodes on grief have helped me feel so seen and understood.

·      Carrie shares her experience with grief from losing family and friends from a young age.

·      We chat about the unhealthy ways we often cope with grief because it often feels our culture doesn’t allow us to grieve.


Creating Space for Grief

·      She outlines her process of following a “grieving plan,” where she actually takes time out of her day to process, reflect, and work through her pain and grief.

·      “I’ve sometimes felt God weep with me.”

·      Just as children allow themselves to cry and feel, we need to allow ourselves to grieve.

·      Carrie describes the relief and release she felt after grieving. 


Grief and Faith

·      People tend to question their faith when they are grieving.

·      “I think it’s alright to ask those questions as long as we don’t stay there for too long because that therefore meant that our belief in God was based on circumstances.”


The Other Side of Grief

·      We have to give ourselves permission to move forward.

·      “The heart holds onto grief until you actually process it.”

·      The process of healthy grieving will become quicker the more you go through it.


Keep up with Carrie: at her website, her podcast, her book, her other book, and on Instagram.


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