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The Refined Collective Podcast

Nov 6, 2019


Mike Maeshiro calls himself a “Serial entrepreneur.” He runs several businesses. He travels and speaks on the gift of discernment and spiritual intelligence. He believes discernment is something people don’t talk about enough, so we chat about it in this episode. We also talk about entrepreneurship, and discerning when is the right time to make your side hustle your main hustle.

What is Discernment?

  • He grew up in the church, was a “nice, agreeable Christian boy.” However, he was lying all the time—pretending he wasn’t aware of these spiritual atmospheres around him.
  • “I started opposing the disfunction in my relationships.”

The Purpose of Discernment

  • Discernment exposes darkness in someone’s individual life or corporately.
  • It also provides accountability and sets a standard in community.
  • Discernment shows us the heart behind actions are more important than the actions themselves.
  • “My response is not going to be based on the action, it’s going to be based on where it is coming from in the spirit.” 

How to Step Into Discernment


  • He has always been a great employee and student but he feels unrest in those situations. He needs to be innovating.
  • When you say yes to wealth, you start having the eyes to see it.
  • He recalls the moment he realized his side hustles brought in enough money for him to quit his full time job.

Side Hustle to Main Hustle

  • Financial intelligence is important in this sort of risk-taking.
  • “You are the most powerful asset you will ever have access to.”
  • “You will be in every season of your life. Invest in who you are.”
  • The number one thing to ask yourself to discern if you’re ready to go full-time into your side hustle: Can I bet on me?

How Can We Make This Not Woo-Woo?

  • We constantly need to reimagine what success means to us.
  • Poverty was a high value in the early church. “God is not broke.”
  • “What you say yes to in your life is what you’re going to produce. It’s a byproduct of an ecosystem you have said yes to in your own being.”
  • We have to get rid of these false beliefs about God and us when it comes to lack and poverty and control.
  • “There’s more than enough! That’s the nature of the kingdom we are of.”

Further Reading for Entrepreneurs

Head over to to see his resources, coaching services, and all the things. He is also on Instagram at @mikemaeshiro and YouTube at Mike Maeshiro. He also has a podcast called Confessions of a Reformer about all the things.