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The Refined Collective Podcast

Jun 12, 2019


This is the first time ever I have had two guests at the same time! This week, I’m talking with Mac and Kenz of Delight Ministries. Together, they co-founded Delight Ministries for college women. It has chapters at about 150 different college campuses! They meet weekly to create space for women to come and feel known and loved and build each other up. They also host a podcast, which you can listen to here. This episode, they give practical tools for how you can unpack your calling and purpose.

Unpacking your Calling + Purpose

  1. Solidify your identity
  • You have to know who you are! If you hang your identity on something like ‘good at playing guitar,’ you’re setting yourself up for an identity crisis when you realize how many other people are also good at playing guitar.
  • “I could become president tomorrow and my identity would not change.”
  • This goes for jobs as well as relationships—never place your identity in either!
  • A good indicator that your identity is misplaced is when you feel like you are constantly striving and struggling to prove yourself.
  1. Healing from your past
  • We take baggage into new seasons of our lives—both the good and the bad.
  • For the bad, you have to unpack that so that it doesn’t become dead weight, drag you down, and negatively affect your future.
  • Your past traumas have the potential to bring light to your future.
  • “Let God search you and search yourself to be able to move forward.”
  • A tangible way of doing this is to stop blaming and start taking ownership of circumstances.
  1. Grow spiritually mature
  • “Stepping into our calling meant that our life was probably going to look different to the people around us.”
  • They believe in active waiting—you can be productive while you’re waiting. You have to be constantly taking steps toward your calling.
  • Seeking God, community, and self-awareness are all active.
  1. Stop comparing
  • Identify what comparison is stealing your joy and bring it to light.
  • “Comparison is turning up the volume of the enemy’s voice in our lives.”
  • The antidote to comparison is celebrating others who you would otherwise be jealous of.
  • Don’t become so focused on comparison that you find yourself in someone else’s calling instead of your own.
  • “What’s right and perfect for her is not going to be what’s right and perfect for me.”
  • “When I celebrate her gifts, it gives me freedom to really step into my unique gifts.”
  1. Step into your passions
  • “So many of us are half-heartedly following these whole-hearted dreams.”
  • Heads up, ladies… guys are really into when women are wholeheartedly following their dreams.
  • “Your relationship should feel like a gift, not an achievement.”
  • Follow the things that light you up and make you feel whole.
  • So many people are too afraid to step into their passions because of the fear of failure.
  • Piece of advice: Grab a friend who has the same passion and step into it together!

Keep up with these amazing ladies on their website at Get in touch with them if you want to start a chapter of Delight Ministries on your college campus! You can buy their book “How to Prepare for Your Future Love Story” here!

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