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The Refined Collective Podcast

May 29, 2018

It was a gift to interview the wonderful photographer and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs, Jasmine Star, this week for the podcast. She dives into the process of dropping out of law school to pursue her dreams and how she became a photographer and business strategist. She opens up about how her intentional career pivots as a small business owner that got her to where she is today, how she strategized, chased her why, and how she created the life she wanted to live. She has an infectious energy and passion that I cannot wait to share with y’all.

Straying From ‘Safe’

  • Jasmine’s father emigrated from Mexico, and her mother moved to mainland United States from Puerto Rico.
  • She was homeschooled throughout childhood, but through academic scholarships, she was able to go to college and major in business administration, then go on to law school.
  • As a first generation college grad, she had placed a pressure on herself to follow this path.
  • When Jasmine was 25, her mom had a cancer relapse. Not only did her mother make it through this relapse (she is alive and well today), but this also made Jasmine think long and hard about what she wanted her life to look like and law school wasn’t a part of it.
  • “It was leaving me vacant. I wasn’t living my truth… I am destined and called to do things other than be on the safe path.”

Pivoting Toward Success

  • When she envisioned the perfect day, she thought of photography, yoga, interviewing, and writing.
  • She had been limiting herself to what she saw others doing. When she realized this, she decided to pursue her perfect day and perfect life.
  • “I never gave myself the opportunity to verbalize what it is that I wanted because in my mind it didn’t exist.”
  • She started a photography business with her husband and they experienced such great success that she felt they had no more room to grow or challenge themselves so she pivoted again.

Chasing Your ‘Why’

  • Jasmine recalls a quote from Taylor Swift: “When you’re chasing two rabbits, you miss them both.” She took this and applied it to her career.
  • She and her husband took a yearlong sabbatical from the photography business and planned a strategic risk to jump into business strategy.
  • As a business strategist, Jasmine is serving others. We talk about the balance between serving others while also being a smart entrepreneur and came to the conclusion that it’s not a balance; they are one and the same.
  • Jasmine is living her mission: “Empowering the perceived underdogs to pursue their wild and crazy dreams, to build a business they love, and a life that makes them proud.”


Jasmine’s Favorite Things

  • She’s tried pretty much every plant-based cleanse out there and she is obsessed. It involves eating plant-based foods for three days every three weeks. She loves the one from Nutrivenience because it is Cali-based and they deliver right to your doorstep.
  • Hot yoga done to hip hop music. Incredible, right? “Ice-T really gets you going in the morning.”
  • Proud Mary Coffee- they roast their beans in Australia!

Looking back, she wishes she invested in herself and got guidance in the form of mentorship, coaching, or masterminds sooner. Now, she is the person giving guidance to those who need it and making businesses all over thrive.

“Take bigger risks; jump and the net will appear.”


I’m so grateful to Jasmine for sharing her heart and hope y’all learned as much as I did!

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