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The Refined Collective Podcast

May 22, 2018

Bethany is the founder of Primally Pure, a small business and brand based out of wine country California.  They creates toxin-free and completely natural skincare products. We met each other the Jenna Kutcher Mastermind that I'm in this year, and I was so inspired by her business.

Bethany built her business from the ground up.  And while there is no formula to success there is one secret from Bethany's experience that will propel you forward:  invest into your success

In this episode, she opens up about every aspect of her business, from how she got her start to how much growth she experienced over the years.

Planting the Seed

  • Bethany and her husband both had 9-5 jobs, but he spontaneously decided to start a farm one day.
  • They began selling their food, quit their 9-5 jobs, and moved in with his family while they built their business.

Investing in Success

  • Six months in to launching the business, they rebranded and began hiring employees for Primally Pure.
  • After hiring their first full time employee, Bethany felt committed to the business’s success. With the help of employees, she was also able to take time off after giving birth to her daughter, June.
  • “I just went for it, and I’m glad I did. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.”

Surrendering to the Process

  • At the start of Primally Pure, there were only four products sold: deodorant, lip balm, body butter, and outdoor lotion.
  • Three and a half years later, Primally Pure offers over thirty products, including three of the original products (deodorant, lip balm, and body butter).
  • “I’m still leading the charge in that area but I have a lot of help now. I have a team of 13 and they’re amazing.”

Bethany’s passion for health and wellness shines through in everything she does and I hope the way she opened up about her process as a business owner was able to open up your eyes to the fact that we all have small beginnings.  But that doesn’t mean we won’t find success. 

“Trust in the Lord with your dreams every step of the way and He’ll make them bigger than you could ever imagine them to be,” Bethany says.

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Kat Harris