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The Refined Collective Podcast

Apr 24, 2018

"My vision in life is to meet women in their most insecure moments and flip that script for them," says Emily Sexton.  She went into college wanting to be a backup dancing for Britney Spears, went to work at a Swiss investment bank after graduation, and is a successful female entrepreneur. Her boutique, The Flourish Market, features products made from artisans all over the world. A 2 a.m. Pinterest scroll sparked the idea for a fashion truck or a “boutique on wheels,” and now she has a Flourish Market shop in Raleigh, North Carolina where this amazing lady is living her message.

Emily has artisans from all over the world sell their products through Flourish Market, some are from third-world countries.  Her hope is that these women in the first-world can learn from the women in the third-world countries represented in her shop.

She remembers opening Flourish Market on Black Friday and not having any discounts, but having women buy products anyway.  She says, “Women aren’t necessarily looking for deals; they’re looking for a purpose.”


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Kat Harris